4Hands Massage 90 Min

There’s anything better than two masseuses for 60 minutes? Absolutely! The same Two masseuses for one hour and a half! Two girls, four hands, double of the pleasure, for longer.

Two seductive, sensual and sexy girls will discreetly visit you and provide you this service which has all the content in a single treatment, you will live the best 90min of your life but with two wonderful ladies, instead of one.

Double of eroticism, because while one of them is massaging you already, the other one will set everything in the room in order to ensure you the most erotic and sensual 90 minutes massage.

Remember our masseusses always use high quality oils, preheated to engage you in a wave of sensuality and eroticis.

During this amazing treatment you will also body2body and get full contactboddy with two masseuses at the same time, or if you prefer, once at a time.

This treatment, like all the other ones, will meet the end with your happy-ending.